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How It Works

  • Interested in running a Biggest Loser at work? Click Here!
  • Or Click Here to browse weight loss challenges that you can join right now!

Set up a competition in minutes! (Or Join one)

In a few simple steps, WeightLossWars allows you to create a challenge

You can edit any of this information later, so don't worry if you don't have all the details.

  • Sign up for your free weight loss wars profile
  • Click to Start a New Weight Loss Competition
  • Name your competition and enter a brief description
  • Choose dates for start and end!
  • Select Team or Individual Competition
  • Select Private or Public Competition!
  • Optional: Enter prize pot/wager amount. (Each competitor or the creator can put a specified amount of money into a prize pot)!
  • Paste the email addresses for coworkers/friends/family you want to invite
  • Select or customize the invitation you want to send! (You can select and customize our pre-written legendary comical "Smack Talk" invitation here)
  • Get the competition free through Trialpay or pay a one-time $10 fee.
  • You're all set and ready to start!!
  • Creating a competition is simple. Click here to get started.

Quick Weight Loss Competition

In a few simple steps, WeightLossWars allows you to create fast weight loss or biggest loser at work contests among your coworkers or also among friends and family. You can compete as individuals or as teams. It is your quick weight loss competition and weight loss Program. You build it how you want, and compete against who you want, for the prizes you want!

Every competition receives a personalized "Weight Loss Arena" that displays the status and progress of everyone you invited into your competition. Don't worry - your weight is ALWAYS kept private unless you choose to show it off! The "Arena" includes:

  • A Leader board to show "up-to-the-minute" who is leading the pack
  • A Discussion board where you can post motivating or trash-talking messages
  • Interactive graphs to chart the progress of you and your competitors
  • Win money and prizes by choosing an optional prize pot!

Fast Weight Loss Community

WeightLossWars helps you succeed by offering you a free community where you will discover how to lose weight fast and you'll find motivation and support from others who have similar goals and struggles. Once you create your free account you'll be able to:

  • Share your diet competition journey through a journal and follow other people's journey as they transform their lives.
  • Discover new healthy recipes, weight loss diet and share your favorites.
  • Invite your friends or family to become your Motivators. You can also choose to be a Motivator for others in the community. To learn more about Motivators click here.
  • Track your weight loss and fitness progress or create your own health categories to track
  • Build a support group of WeightLossWars friends who lend you support when it's needed most.
Learn How to Lose Weight Fast with a unique Weight Loss Program & Perfect Weight Loss Diet!

There are so many obstacles with traditional how to lose weight fast, quick weight loss, fast weight loss sort of programs. Lack of support. False expectations. Limited motivation. All of which can make weight loss diet difficult, depressing and lonesome.

WeightLossWars takes a unique approach to defeat these obstacles by offering a unique Weight Loss Program. Create your own weight loss challenge with friends, family, and coworkers.

The secret is Community and Competition. Sounds too simple? That's what we thought at first too.

But it works, and it makes sense. Read below to find out more about the community and competitions on WeightLossWars