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My boyfriend had an idea for him and I to have a weight loss competition so my goal is to reach 135 lbs. and be in good enough shape to beat him up the mountains this fall.
Does anybody have any ideas to keep track of our weight loss every week and keep it fair? I don't think pound for pound can be fair between men and women. Can percentage of entire weight lossed work?

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South Beach Diet

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Eliptical Machine, Hiking, weights

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Travel as much as I can internationally

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Softball, Hiking, motorcycles, hunting, relaxing

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Country, classical rock, oldies, R&B, pretty much everything but techno

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I'm such a movie junkie, this list would take forever

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I haven't had cable since 1994

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Anything written by Francine Rivers


Lost 3 lbs.

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I'm 24 and I live in Aspen, Colorado. I am a Credit Analyst for a local bank. Last winter I had a major knee surgery so I was not able to ski and thus have put on a little more weight than I would like. I have a bull Elk tag for early hunting season this fall and really want to be in shape so I can kick my boyfriend's butt up the mountain.

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Posted by BigRick on Jul 21, 2013 03:17 AM

Wanna try the stuff that made losing all the pounds without diets or excercise so easy? get a free trial, just pay for postage


Posted by jlr2397 on Apr 24, 2007 03:03 PM

Thanks! It's going to be a tough one. We start when we get back from vacation on June 1st, but I figured I would get ready early. It's going to be a tough one. It seems that men can really lose a lot quicker and a lot more than women can.


Posted by Chad on Apr 24, 2007 02:59 PM

Hey - Welcome to WeightLossWars. I noticed your question about keeping a weight loss competition fair between men and women; and you are right - setting it up as a "Percentage of body weight lost" would be the best. Percentage is great, because it really puts the competition between you and your own body. It also helps level the playing field for different body types and sizes, as well as gender.

anyway - i hope this helps. Good luck with your competition!

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